How does Total Health Academy Work?

THA is an online training system, built around a series of training modules that help teams integrate patient education protocols and systems centered around total health into the practice.

THA is not a one-time experience that requires closing the office, travel, and significant investment. Instead, it is a non- invasive ongoing educational system that can be facilitated from any location at anytime, without interrupting the workflow process of a dental practice.

The educational process is based around 32 modules taught in two-week increments for a one-year period. Each training module consists of five elements:

  1. Context and Content videos: An in-depth training video presented by Dr. Susan Maples teaching the specific details of that module, and how to implement the topic into the practice as a team. Videos are delivered on THA Blackboard platform.
  2. Forms, manuals and software: The doctors and teams will have lifelong access to downloadable documents, implementation manuals, and related software solutions provided to support the content being taught. These include Dr. Susan Maples’ signature practice programs, Hands-on Learning Lab™ and Self-Screen.Net, with robust follow-through training for each program. Not only do these tools support the content being taught, but they create a one-stop-shop for training any new team members who may come on board, so they are brought up to speed quickly and efficiently. Additionally, these forms, manuals, and software create a Standard Operating Procedure for the office, which increases its value in the mind of any future doctor, should the existing doctor be interested in bringing on additional providers, opening a new location, or selling their practice.
  3. Testing: Quizzes will following each module and be graded by the coach. The intention of this testing is to see how well the doctor and team have integrated the modules, as well as uncover any areas where the modules have gotten lost in translation. This is a necessary condition for building sustainable implementation among the doctor and team members so they can achieve tangible results.
  4. Professional Support Panel: Receive specialized support from an entire dental team of total health experts. Doctors and teams are able to interact in real time with experts in their office role to troubleshoot challenges, as well as drill down on technical expertise.
  5. Community Forum: The community forum is designed as an open forum for doctors and team members to ask questions and share best practices so that they can learn from others who have been at their starting point.

To view a complete list and description of the topics THA covers, click the button below to request a copy our free Total Health Academy information booklet!