• What makes THA unique?
  • THA is the first ever fully digital total health program designed to educate doctors and teams on the integration and implementation of total health practices in the dental office. It covers 32 oral systemic-focused module topics including nutrition coaching, pregnancy complications, depression, HPV, and oral cancer. THA also remains multi-faceted by offering one on one coaching with industry experts to ensure the curriculum is being implemented with ease.
  • Is Total Health Academy CE approved? How many?
  • Total Health Academy is undergoing review by the ADA and AGD for CE certification. It is expected to receive roughly 16 CE credit approval for the one-year program.
  • How long is each module?
  • Each module runs a length of 20-30 minutes, which can be paused, stopped, and restarted at any time.
  • Does my membership include lifetime access to the video modules?
  • Absolutely! You will maintain the ability to view all modules even after completion of your one year program.
  • Does my coach visit my practice?
  • No, and the reason for this is because you don’t need it – its an unnecessary expense! We set you up with the tools necessary to ensure that the material is being implemented, even when a coach is not present. It’s all about sustainable implementation, so you can continue to see results year after year. This way of thinking and training eliminates the recurring issue of results leaving the minute your coach does.

To view a complete list and description of the topics THA covers, click the button below to request a copy our free Total Health Academy information booklet!