What is Total Health Academy?

THA was founded by practicing dentists who recognized the need for an implementation solution for total health that extended past intrusive seminar based education. While there is plenty of research available linking the focus of our profession to the overall health of our patients, until now there has never been a way to effectively train an entire team how to make it the centerpoint of the practice. Information is nothing, implementation is everything.

The Problems THA solves

As practitioners face increased competition from corporate groups, flat patient spending, and decreased reimbursement from insurance companies, it is more critical now than ever to embrace new models that differentiate practices into a niche market, raise profitability’s, and protect their future.

  • Problem 1: Current available training methods are insufficient.
  • These methods are inaccessible on a daily basis and require travel
    • THA is on-demand with 24/7 accessibility from the comfort of any internet connection.
  • They lack in accountability as they are consultant dependent. Once the consultant leaves, old habits return.
    • As an online platform with lifetime access, THA never “leaves” your practice. Further, the testing at the end of each module ensures that the information that you and your team are learning within the curriculum is not lost in translation, which is a necessary condition for sustained implementation.
  • They are invasive and interrupt the flow of your practice.
    • THA can be accessed 24/7, which means that you and your team can work it into your schedules- morning, noon, or night. Further, as each team member receives a unique login, each person in the practice can move forward at their own speed. The days of a team member missing vital training when they miss a team meeting are over, as everything is housed in one easily accessible place.
  • They don’t have an effective methodology for handling employee turnover and new employee education
    • As an online training portal that includes curriculum testing, THA ensures that each member of your team is trained up to speed quickly and efficiently. Training no longer has to be worked into the daily schedule or run directly by the doctor/team leader.
  • Seminar-based education can become irrelevant over time as opposed to online education, which is content-rich with current information.
    • Lets face it: seminars are expensive (especially if you bring your entire team), take precious time out of your day- maybe even production time, and don’t allow for personalized, 1:1 support. On top of that, the information is easy to forget. How frequently do you review your seminar notes from previous years? Probably never. THA eliminates the need for travel, taking time out of your day, and “cramming” information through its succinct online platform. 32 modules (approximately 5 minutes each) are taught in 2 week increments with continuous testing to ensure that information is understood and able to be implemented by each member of your team. You also have a personal implementation coach to guide you through and ensure your success, as well as lifetime access to the modules.
  • Problem 2: Decreased revenues.
  • THA provides a pathway for increased profit centers never experienced by the average practice, and new methodologies for increased case acceptance, increased patient referrals, and increased patient retention.
  • Problem 3: The marketplace is competitive.
  • Corporate dentistry is a reality, and it is here to stay. THA helps the dentist remain competitive through niche brand development that will help them stand out.

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