Total Health Academy

Transform your office to a total health practice

Imagine you had an employee that single- handedly could improve your office culture, create a better patient experience, increase your case acceptance, improve customer retention, provide team unity and purpose, grow your annual collections, and safeguard your practice for years to come by creating a niche practice in your community.

This employee sounds too good to be true, because this employee doesn’t exist. It’s hard to imagine one single person providing this much value to your dental practice.

However, Total Health Academy (THA) is that "employee" — a cutting-edge platform you can use to help grow your practice, team culture and collections, all without having to leave the office. THA seamlessly works within your current office structure to train and grow your team, and creates a collaborative environment for your office to thrive. And you get your own personal coach to provide additional resources, learning and accountability.

Total Health Academy is the only total health solution backed by the world leader in dentistry services and solutions, Henry Schein.

Courses Include:

  • Facilitating Health Change Behavior
  • Addressing Obesity and Coaching for Nutrition
  • Networking with the Medical Community for Physician Referrals
  • Insulin Resistance and Pre-Diabetes
  • HPV and Oral Cancer: Salivary Testing and its Implications

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